Waveshare Sound Sensor LM-386



LM-386 is an audio integrated power amplifier, which has the advantages of low power consumption, adjustable inner chain gain, large power supply voltage range, fewer external components, and low total harmonic distortion. It is mainly used in low voltage consumer products. To minimize peripheral components, the voltage gain is built in at 20. By adding an external resistor and capacitor between pin 1 and pin 8, the voltage gain can be adjusted to any value up to 200.


  • Onboard audio power amplifier
  • Audio signal gain up to 200
  • Adjustable accuracy
  • Signal output indicator


  • Mic sensitivity : 52 dB
  • Frequency range : 50 Hz ~ 20 KHz
  • Power: 3.3 V ~ 5.3 V
  • Mounting holes size: 2.0 mm
  • Dimension: 18.67 × 34.42 × 14.86 mm
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight: 7.5 g
  • Manufacturer part number: LM-386


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