Muhammad Yousuf Umer (Founder)

Yousuf Umer is the owner of Axis Electronics building up over 30 years of management experience. He has worked in every department within the organization and is unmatched in terms of understanding the company's combined workings. Yousuf loves talking to customers and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to solve problems.

He is an Engineer by profession and understands every technical aspect of electronics and is very skillful and experienced in developing projects.

Yousuf created this company as being family-oriented and withhold utmost importance of providing higher quality service for customers.

Ahad Arabi (General manager of axis electronics)

Ahad Arabi (Chief Executive Officer)

Ahad Arabi has been at Axis since 2008. He is responsible of anticipating our customers every need. 

He procures and purchase and works with all the suppliers to ensure our customers get the right selection of products at the best prices. He is also responsible for answering our customers every need and is expert in hard to find items.

He loves interacting with customers, suppliers, and colleagues alike and is helpful to everyone at the workplace.

Tariq Sarfaraz (Store manager)

Tariq Sarfaraz has been a part of Axis since 1998 with the mission of building company efficiency through various systems of stock management

He and his team make sure that every product is kept chronologically in its desired category. He is also responsible for book keeping of every incoming and outgoing of products and maintains a record of issuance to particular member of the sales team

Tariq is proud of the company values and appreciates the fact that Axis treats his employees, suppliers and customers with the utmost respect.

Tariq Sarfaraz (Store manager of axis electronics)

Humd Yousuf Arabi (Chief Operating Officer)