Ultrasonic Distance Sensor HC-SR04



HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor consists of two ultrasonic transducers. The one acts as a transmitter which converts electrical signal into 40 KHz ultrasonic sound pulses. The receiver listens for the transmitted pulses. If it receives them it produces an output pulse whose width can be used to determine the distance the pulse traveled. The sensor is small, easy to use in any robotics project and offers excellent non-contact range detection between 2 cm to 400 cm (that’s about an inch to 13 feet) with an accuracy of 3 mm. Since it operates on 5 volts, it can be hooked directly to an Arduino or any other 5 V logic micro controllers.


  • Operating Voltage: DC 5 V
  • Operating Current: 15 mA
  • Operating Frequency: 40 KHz
  • Max Range: 4 m
  • Min Range: 2 cm
  • Ranging Accuracy: 3 mm
  • Measuring Angle: 15 degree
  • Trigger Input Signal: 10µS TTL pulse
  • Dimension: 45 × 20 × 15 mm
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight: 14 g
  • Manufacturer part number: HC-SR04


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