Digital Mini Oscilloscope DSO1511G


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DSO1511G is a Digital Mini Oscilloscope 120 MHz 2.4-inch Screen Analog Bandwidth Support Signal Generator FFT Handheld


  • Resolution: Equipped with 320*240 resolution color display, with bright colors and high contrast, you can see the data clearly.
  • Bandwidth and sampling rate: With 120 M bandwidth and 500 M sampling rate, more stable and with higher precision.
  • High bandwidth: Up to 120 M bandwidth can easily cope with measurement tests in various fields.
  • There are 14 measurement options available as follows: Frequency, Peaks-to-Peaks, Duty cycle, Amplitude, RMS, Average, Period, +Pulse width, -Pulse width, Max, Min,Top, Base, -Duty cycle.
  • Support switch the output waveform: sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, etc.


  • Screen size: 2.4 inch
  • Measurement: 14 types
  • Resolution: 320 × 240
  • Bandwidth: 120 M
  • Sampling rate: 500 M
  • Rise time: <3 ns
  • Storage depth: 128 Kbit
  • temperature probe
  • USB Cable
  • Video Cable
  • Gen Pin
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight: 1000 g
  • Manufacturer part number: DSO1511G


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