Isolation Amplifiers AD202JY


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The AD202 and AD204 are general purpose, two-port, transformer-coupled isolation amplifiers that may be used in a broad range of applications where input signals must be measured, processed, and/or transmitted without a galvanic connection.


  • Small Size: 4 Channels/lnch
  • Low Power: 35 mW (AD204)
  • High Accuracy: 0.025% Max Nonlinearity (K Grade)
  • High CMR: 130 dB (Gain = 100 V/V)
  • Wide Bandwidth: 5 kHz Full-Power (AD204)
  • High CMV Isolation: 2000 V pk Continuous (K Grade)
  • (Signal and Power)
  • Isolated Power Outputs
  • Uncommitted Input Amplifier
  • Multichannel Data Acquisition
  • Current Shunt Measurements
  • Motor Controls
  • Process Signal Isolation
  • High Voltage Instrumentation Amplifier


  • Additional information
  • Gross weight: 0.35
  • Manufacturer part number: MD2905


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