MG81001 Portable Head Wearing Magnifying Glass




Specifications :
1.MG81001-A Adjustable Headlamp Magnifying Glass
2.4 interchangeable lens
3.Detachable LED light source
4.Hand free operation
Features :
1)With 2 bright led lamps, can provides sufficient light in any condition
2)LEDs adjusts vertically and horizontally, and can be removed for independent use off the
3)Head strap easily adjusts using push button
4)With automatic voltage booster, which can change the voltage of 2 AAA batteries from 3V to 4.5V
and give enough light
5)Has up to 6X magnification with a combination of fixed, flip-up and bino-lens plates
6)Product CE approved, Factory ISO9001:2000 audit
7)High quality and wholesale price


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