Table Lamp Magnifier LT-86I




Cheap New LT-86I Table Lamp Magnifier / Magnifying Glass with Light


  • amplification and lighting double combination, according to different requirements select magnification
  • Stable and reliable light, no light flashes, no effect on vision.
  • Configurable advanced white lens alleviate eye fatigue caused by prolonged use.
  • Different colors to choose from, landscaping work environment
  • Appliation electronic engineers inor compponents,component-intensive observation and testing circuit boards or medical staff,beauticans, etc need to enlarge the work of the lighting.
  • Power is suitable the 22W ring-like fluorescent tube
  • Supply Voltage:110/220V
  • Lens size:113mm
  • Adjustable range:500mm
  • Characterstics:Desktop straight bar
  • Gross Weight:3200 g
  • Manufacturer part number:LT-86I


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