Soldering Iron Station YH-939D+



YH-939D+ thermostatic soldering Iron station with import heat chip big power very suit for big welding spots


  • His style solder station adopt real reliable import heating chip, actually its power is more than other same product in the market, precise LED display, warming rapidly, long time using.
  • Big power design makes rapid temperature compensation, it is very suitable for long time high temperature condition welding, it is extremely fitting for big, small spot welding, expectantly fit for simple solder Iron it also can be equipped with B/K series solder Iron head.
  • Solder Iron handle use dual face board design,it has better quality guarantee and long time using.
  • Handle adopts heating silicone cable,not being damaged easily.
  • Anti static design can effectively prevent harm from anti static with elements.
  • This product has been certified by EU-CE.
  • Using independent inside main control,it is showing precise stable temperature control.
  • It has the function of ringing alarm when the product make a mistake and a protection.


  • Power: 70 W
  • Solder Iron temperature stable:+1.C
  • Range of temperature control:200-450.C
  • Model of solder Iron:B mouth
  •  Rated Voltage: AC 220 V
  • Output Power: 75 W
  • Working Voltage: 26 V
  • Temperature Range: 200 ~ 480°C
  • Display Mode: LED Digital Display
  • Tip to ground impedance < 2Ω
  • Tip to ground voltage: < 2 mV
  • Dimension: 145 × 120 × 80 mm
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight: 2170 g
  • Manufacturer part number: YH-939D+


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