Rework Soldering Station YH-862BD+



YH-862BD+ High power welding station hot air gun with imported heater used to repair and solder the phone has Celsius/Fahrenheit Display Temperature Function to satisfy market demand in different regions. Yihua SMD Rework Station now features a Three LED tubes display and you can easily change the LCD digital readouts back and forth “Centigrade to Fahrenheit” for the soldering iron and hot air temperatures with the push of a button. Heat Gun Welding Station features Temperature Control Technology which the program will cycle every 20 milliseconds to detect the actual temperature of the soldering iron’s heating element, quickly correct it with a rapid return to the correct set temperature. The air gun automatic function is a safety measure that ensures the heat is automatically cut off when the air gun is in its holder. Dual blue LED digital displays to show precision temperature for hot air gun & soldering iron and one blue digital display to show airflow.


  • Zilog Dual-Core Microcomputer Processor
  • PID Temperature Control Technology
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit Display Temperature function
  • Intelligence cool airflow features long service life of the machine and safe personal operation
  • Stainless steel holder for placing the hot air
  • Plastic stand for keeping the iron from flammable materials
  • ESD design of soldering iron to protect sensitive components
  • High-quality resistance for durable use


  • Airflow type: brush less fan gentle wind
  • Airflow: ≤ 120 L/min
  • Temperature range of gun: 100 °C ~ 480 °C
  • Display Type: Digital display
  • Handle length of gun: ≥100 CM
  • Temperature range of Iron rod: 200 °C ~ 480 °C
  • Tip of ground voltage:< 2 mV
  • Tip ground impedance: < 2 ohm
  • Handle length of Iron rod: ≥ 100 CM
  • Iron heater material: Imported high-power heater
  • Power consumption: 720 W
  • Dimension: 124 × 187 × 249 mm
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight: 2650 g
  • Manufacturer part number: YH-862BD+


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