Analogue Multimeter YX-360TRF


YX-360TRF Analogue Multimeter

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YX-360TRF is a portable multi tester designated for the measurement of low-voltage circuit. This is used at small communications equipments, home electric appliances, voltage of lump line, and measurement of various types of batteries


  • Drop shock proof meter
  • Null(zero center) meter ±5 / ±25 in DCV
  • High resistance up to 200MΩ with low voltage
  • Solid & protective body cover that can also be used as a tilt stand
  • Capacitance, dB, LI measurement


  • DC Voltage: 0.1(20kΩ/V) 0.25/2.5/10/50(20kΩ/V)/250/1000V(9kΩ/V)
  • DC Voltage (NULL): ±5/25V(40kΩ/V)
  • AC Voltage: 10/50/250/750(9kΩ/V)
  • DC Ampere: 50μ/2.5m/25m/0.25A
  • Resistance: 2k/20k/200k/2MΩ (x1/x10/x100/x1k) 200MΩ (x100k)
  • Capacitance: 10μF
  • dB: -10dB~+22dB (for 10VAC) ~+62dB
  • Load current (LI): 0-150m/15m/1.5m/150μ/1.5μA
  • DC high voltage: DC25kV (optional probe “HV-10T” is necessary)
  • hFE: 1000 at x10 range (optional probe “HFE-6T” is necessary)
  • Battery: R6 (IEC) or UM-3 (1.5V)x2
  • Fuse: Φ5.2x20mm (250V/0.5A)
  • Dimension: H159.5×W129×D41.5mm
  • temperature probe
  • test leads
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight: 320 g
  • Manufacturer part number: YX-360TRF

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