The Sonel MMR-640 Micro-Ohmmeter can be used to measure very low resistance of resistive objects such as breakers, contacts, earthing conductors, equipotential bondings, and welded, soldered and bolted connections. This makes it particularly useful to maintenance, railway and power plant companies. It can also be used to verify quality at the final stage of production lines. The Sonel MMR-640 Micro-Ohmmeter has a maximum resistance range of 1999.9Ω.
The Sonel MMR-640 Micro-Ohmmeter is auto-ranging and features an automatic measurement mode, making this resistance meter simple to use. Also adding to the Sonel MMR-640 Micro-Ohmmeter’s ease of operation is its modern user interface, advanced data management system and large touchscreen display with 800 x 480px resolution. The Sonel MMR-640 Micro-Ohmmeter’s display is both comfortable and easy to read.
Furthermore, the Sonel MMR-640 Micro-Ohmmeter is housed in a durable, waterproof and dustproof casing with an ingress protection rating of IP67. As a result, the Sonel MMR-640 Micro-Ohmmeter is suitable for use in rugged environments.


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