Digital Wall Scanner UT-387B




UNI-T UT387B Wall Scanner is a great tool designed for the construction and home improvement sector. This scanner can pick up hidden objects behind walls, such as metals, live electrical wires, and wood. UT387B is designed for dry wall, but it can also effectively scan hardwood flooring, plywood, and coated wooden walls. It has two scanning modes, these are used for scanning walls of different thickness.


  • Professional wall detector can be used to detect metal, wood and AC cable hidden in the wall.
  • Keep the instrument close to the wall and slowly move it. When it has detected metal, wood or AC cable, it will display the signal strength and beep.
  • According to signal strength, you can judge the exact location of the materials which can avoid drilling failure.
  • The detector can detect an AC cable with a voltage higher than 110V, 50-60Hz, the sensibility may be weak when the cable is grounded.
  • The ZOOM key is helpful to detect small things or things buried in deep.
  • High accuracy, with a maximum detection depth of 80mm.
  • Portable size, convenient to use.
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight:274 g
  • Manufacturer part number:UT-387B


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