Digital Multi Meter UT33D+ UNI-T




Palm Size Multimeter UT33D+ waterproof and shock-absorbing EVA materials that protect your multimeter from dust, impact, drops, or impact in the toolbox UT33D+ digital NVC multimeter has detection standards and the most common wiring problems in GFCI sockets including open circuit grounding, reverse polarity open circuit heat, open neutral, and hot/ground inversion This palm-size meter measures AC current measure AC / DC voltage, resistance, and continuity through test leads UT 33D plus voltmeter support voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and inductance measurements.


  • UT33D+ meter is durable, reliable and lightweight handheld equipment essential tool for the frequent installation,
  • repair, or maintenance of three-phase systems or motors
  • smallStandard equipment batteries
  • can be put into a pocket easy to carry
  • temperature probe
  • test leads
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight:206 g
  • Manufacturer part number:UT33D+


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