Digital Clamp Meter UT-213C




The UT-213C is a universal digital meter equipped with clamps enabling the measurement of high currents. The device measures: voltage, current, frequency, resistance, capacity and temperature. In addition, the meter has an electric field detection function (NCV).The meter is equipped with the True RMS transducer enabling accurate measurement of the RMS current and voltage for both sinusoidal and distorted waveforms.


  • True RMS – accurate measurement of the RMS current and voltage for any waveform
  • NCV – electric field detection function
  • REL – relative measurement mode
  • Writing the value MAX / MIN
  • Hold – Stopping the meter reading
  • Flashlight built-in
  • Large, readable LCD display with backlight
  • Low battery level alarm
  • Aesthetic and solid construction
  • The set includes a p ractical case
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight:231.7 g
  • Manufacturer part number:UT-213C



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