Magnifying Lamp LT-86G



LT-86G Square LED Fluorescent Magnifying Lamp 10 X 15 X 20 X


  • It matches with rectangle lens 177 x 113 mm for Type F,G,H,I, which will be felt comfortable for a long time observation than circular lens (Type A.B.C.E)
  • Its active arm is a special design, which can be adjusted conveniently and avoid magnifier’s vibration interfere;
  • It adopts USA’s updated ballast circuit, power can reach more than 0.9 A, the current flowing is less than 40%, which accords with IEC standard;
  • Its warm-up time will be less than 1.5 second, Lumen more than 0.95, and can protect the over current flow in abnormal circumstance.


  • Supply Voltage: 110/220 V
  • Lens Size: 177 x 113 mm
  • Optional Lenses: Ordinary Lenses/Optical Lenses
  • Magnifier Multiple: 5 x 10 x
  • Adjustable range: 1 m
  • Dimension: 177 x 113 x 127 mm
  • Gross Weight: 4500 g
  • Manufacturer Part number: LT-86G


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