Gas Leakage Detector YH-2266



YH-2266 Gas alarm standalone Combustible methane and propane gas leak detector alarm natural gas detector for home.


  • Detect Natural Gas, LPG, Coal Gas, combustible Gases
  • Wall Mounted
  • Sound and Flash Alarm
  • Three Indicators: Power, Alarm, Fault
  • Long Lifespan Semiconductor Sensor with High Stability
  • Advance Microprocessor Technology
  • Auto Check Sensor Failure
  • Auto Reset After Leaked Gas Clears
  • Strict Calibration of Alarm Level in Gas Chamber
  • 24-48 Hours Aging Tests of both PCBA and Finished Detectors


  • sensor: New nano-tech sensor, Gas detector(LPG, natural gas,coal gas)
  • alarm thickness: LPG 0.1%~0.5%, natural gas 0.1%~0.3%, coal gas 0.1%~0.5%
  • working current: <100 mA
  • working voltage: AC 220 V
  • working environment: -10°C~+50°C,humidity <97%RH
  • installation: wall mounted
  • buzzer: 85 dB/m,with red LED flash fast
  • sensitivity: Adjustable
  • Dimension: 110 × 80 × 40 mm
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight: 400 g
  • Manufacturer part number: YH-2266


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