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YK-368L-R is a numeric digital keypad specially designed for Electric Locking and access control security systems,has both multiple individual codes and single common code models for customers option;choose to press # or choose automatic code verification by entering passwords.


  • 3 entry models, Card,Code,Card+Code
  • 1 Relay output
  • 250 Cards,250 Codes and 1 common code
  • Key Pressing or automatic code verification optional
  • Keypad will be locked 30 seconds after 10 false operation
  • Tamper contact can be connected with Alarming systems
  • Tamper switch create warning siren when activated
  • Can be connected with Exit button
  • Non-volatile Memory upon Power Failure
  • Class 2 Back light for buttons,indicator flashes on pressing keys or reading cards
  • Dimensions: 117 × 73 × 40 mm
  • Operating Voltage: 12 V ~ 24 V DC
  • Current Drain: Quiescent State = 22 mA,Active State=72 mA ( Relay actuated, all LED lighted)
  • Relay Output Contacts: N.O. and N.C. Dry Contacts, Max Rating of Contact Current 3 A / 24 V DC
  • Capacity of Recording: 250 ID Cards, 250 Codes or 1 Common Code
  • Card Reading Distance: Max Distance 6 CM
  • Type of ID Card: ID Card, 125 KHZ
  • Additional information
  • Gross weight: 22 g
  • Manufacturer part number: YK-568L-R

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